The Operational System for Economic Development has the objective of creating a favorable environment for business and in order to attract investment, qualifying labor, encouraging the competitiveness of companies and access to new technologies, offering lines of credit and investment in infrastructure.

Coordinated by the State Economic Development Secretariat and including Cemig, Gasmig, BDMG, INDI, Codemig and Jucemg, this operational system provides support to small and medium companies, encourages the manufacturing of products with greater added value and encourages an increase in the participation of these companies in the international market, working in partnership with private initiative. This path is the result of strategic planning, seeking development and quality of life. It is Minas Gerais preparing itself to be the best Brazilian State for investment and living.
The Economic Development Operational System includes 

cemigCompanhia Energética de Minas Gerais (Cemig)
Cemig is active in the field of electric power generation, transmission and distribution. The company operates 56 hydroelectric plants, 4 thermoelectric plants and one wind power plant plant with existing capacity of 6,692 megawatts.  Cemig is the largest electricity distribution company in Brazil and its grid, with 419,327 km, is the largest in Latin America.
gasmigCompanhia de Gás de Minas Gerais (Gasmig)
A subsidiary of Cemig, the company has the concession to distribute natural gas in Minas Gerais. The State has a potential demand of 10.5 million cubic meters of natural gas per day, with a supply of 3.5 million cubic meters. With Petrobras joining Gasmig in 2005, the supply has been increased, as well as investments in the infrastructure of transportation to carry gas to the regions Vale do Aço, South of the State and Triângulo Mineiro: a total investment of US$ 450 million.
bdmgBanco de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais (BDMG)
The Bank is committed to strengthening the economy of Minas Gerais, supporting companies that seek financing for installation, expansion or modernization projects or to increase their competitiveness. The Bank also supports the public sector, by offering credit lines to city governments that invest in urban infrastructure and regional development projects. BDMG strives to contribute to creating sustainable development in Minas Gerais, to encourage entrepreneurship, thus generating jobs, income and a better life for the inhabitants of Minas.
codemigCompanhia de Desenvolvimento Econômico de Minas Gerais (Codemig)
Codemig works on projects, construction, services and enterprises, especially in the infrastructure sector. It makes investments in mining so as to create opportunities for new enterprises in the State, in partnership with the private sector. It also coordinates projects in industrial districts, as well as supporting and carrying out actions to value business tourism and events. Codemig is also coordinating the building of the Administrative Center of the State of Minas Gerais. Codemig is also responsible for the construction of the Administrative Center of the State of Minas Gerais.
indiInstituto de Desenvolvimento Integrado de Minas Gerais (INDI)
INDI is a State agency whose function is to promote investment. It works with industry, commerce and services, as a partner with businesspeople who wish to invest, as well as with those who are already established in Minas Gerais. INDI helps the reduction of bureaucracy and offers assistance that ranges from project development to initial production and rendering of services. It also supports initiatives related to reinvestment, such as expansion, relocation and modernization.
jucemgJunta Comercial do Estado de Minas Gerais (Jucemg)
As well as carrying out the attributions of public registration of mercantile companies, Jucemg, considered the best board of trade of the Country, has the mission to facilitate, simplify and speed up the process of opening companies, with legal security and legalization, in harmony with the agencies involved in this function. In partnership with the town halls, it is responsible for setting up the Minas Fácil offices, where it is possible to start a new company in only 8 days.