presentationMinas Gerais recovers its place as a State that induces development with a great potential to attract investments. The daring and efficient public management program and the far-reaching administrative reform begun in 2003 allowed for budgetary equilibrium and, by this token, Minas won the credibility of important domestic and foreign investors. Until 2010, public and private investments worth R$ 204 billion have been announced.  This is a guarantee of improvements in the economy and for the population, within the philosophy of making Minas the best State to invest and to live in.

Allied to the privileged geographical position of the State in Latin America, the governmental strategies included Minas in the international scenario. The establishment of the first industrial airport in Brazil and other significant infrastructure works have expanded, even more, the possibilities of the State, already rich in History, natural resources, and culture.


Minas Gerais. Open doors for new investments.